1 June 2024
Shoe Review: Puma Velocity Nitro 3

Overall I have really enjoyed the Puma Velocity Nitro 3’s, the feel and fit of the upper is great and the responsiveness and bounce that the shoe offers during a long run and seed set make the shoe a staple in my rotation.

The specs:

Weight: 260g (mens 9US)
Stack height: 36mm (heel), 26mm (forefoot)
Heel to toe drop: 10mm
Shoe type: Daily trainer, All rounder

Similar models:
Brooks Glycerine, Asics Cumulus, New Balance 1080, Mizuno Wave Rider

Puma have been making shoes since 1948, however in recent years they have had less of a presence in the running shoe market. So, when we got the opportunity to try the Nitro range, we were excited but also a curious to see how they would go compared to the current dominant brands. I have to say that Puma have not disappointed. The shoes they are producing are not only comfortable to run in but some of my favourite shoes to run in due to the way they hold up over the long run.

I have had the pleasure of trialling the Puma Velocity Nitro 3’s and have done about 110km in the shoe across a variety of different distances and paces. The shoes are still holding up well and are showing minimal signs of wear on the outsole at this stage.


The upper is similar to a racing shoe as it is thin an flexible but offers a really comfortable contouring fit on the foot. I did find the toe box was a bit narrow compared to some of the other traditional shoes on the market and very narrow compared to the foot shaped brands. However, when running the toe box was not an issue and I didn’t feel any rubbing or pain even on my long run.

The lacing structure is long enough to be able to lock lace the shoe without running out of lace. I found the lockdown great with and without the lock lace, which is great as I sometime struggle getting a secure fit and feel like I a slipping out of the shoe, however this was not the case in the Puma and once they were laced I felt secure and stable the entire run.

The Velocity Nitro 3 fits true to size. The shoe comes in a standard width.

So far, I’ve put about 110km in this shoe, with a mixture of shorter speed sessions, and some longer slower sessions. So far it is holding up well, the outsole still appears the way it did when it came out of the box and there is no delcine in responisve during my runs.

What did the Velocity Nitro 3 feel like to run in? 

The Velocity Nitro are one of my favourite shoes to run in currently. They have quite a bounce to the midsole that makes for a very comfortable and enjoyable ride even on your longer runs. I took them for a 30km run and found the midsole felt the same at the beginning of my run as it did at the end. I never felt like I was losing any bounce or that the shoe was working against me. I had similar feelings on similar faster paced 10km and 5km efforts.

What I really liked is that the transitioning up and down paces was made easier due to the feedback and responsiveness of the midsole, as the Velocity Nitro 3s have such great energy return. As you pick up the pace the shoe helps to throw you forward, similar to a racing shoe just with less response than you see in a carbon plate, which is to be expected.

 The ride didn’t seem to differ regardless of where I landed on my foot. I am natural midfoot to forefoot striker, and I found that I was able to get a great push off and drive in my natural pattern, as well as when I adjusted to a more heel strike pattern.

Final thoughts:

Overall I have really enjoyed the Puma Velocity Nitro 3’s. The feel and fit of the upper is great and the responsiveness and bounce that the shoe offers during a long run and seed set make the shoe a staple in my rotation. I have enjoyed this shoe so much that it is my chosen shoe to run the Brisbane half marathon.

Who would it work for?

The Velocity Nitro 3 is a very versatile shoe and could work for you in a few different ways.

  • It works nicely for someone who is looking for a stable neutral shoe that provides them some bounce like your race day or tempo shoes but with more durability than the race day shoe.
  • It will also work well if you are not able to have multiple shoes for different types of running as its responsiveness and durability allow it to offer you the ability to go long and slow but also feel comfortable and shorter faster distances.
  • If you have quite a broad foot or have some changes around the joints than this shoe may not be as good for you unfortunately due to its narrow toe box which may cause an increase in compression resulting in pain in the forefoot.

Why do I need this shoe in my rotation?

The Velocity Nitro 3 is designed as a daily trainer and it does this well. For me this is the shoe that I love to grab when I am heading out for a long run as it just feels so comfortable and the feedback is great. However, playing around with pacing and the amount of responsiveness present in the midsole you could also you it for your tempo, speed session or even racing in them.


These shoes were kindly gifted to us by Puma Australia