About Us

We are a family-run practice whose mission is to provide long-term solutions for people’s lower limb health. 

Chloe-May Bennett

My passion for podiatry started during my teenage years where my love of sport led me to represent New Zealand in the FIFA Under 17’s Women’s Football World Cup.

I grew up in a small rural area of New Zealand, where playing sports was a huge aspect of our social lives.

As a kid, you would either find me outside until sunset playing sports or tucked away in my room, learning as much as I could about animals. Still to this day one of my favourite things to do is go to every zoo or wildlife park there is!

My passion for podiatry started during my teenage years when my love of sport led me to represent New Zealand in the FIFA Under 17’s Women’s Football World Cup. Seeing a team of healthcare professionals working together to keep the team functioning at our best, truly inspired my career choice. I offer the community what was offered to me – a health professional who is working in your corner, guiding you towards building a healthy, strong foundation and getting you back to the activity you love.

I graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2015, before moving to Australia to start my career. I have worked across Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland, and have well and truly fallen in love with the sunny Queensland weather!

During my career, I have expanded my scope of practice in order to help you build a strong foundation. I have further certifications in Strength and Conditioning Coaching (ASCA Level 1 Coach) and Mat Pilates.

Outside of work, you will often find me out travelling and bushwalking with my husband and young daughter.

We have strived to find numerous ways to overcome your injuries, to enable you to return to what you love faster and without limiting you to one or two options for treatment. 

Travis McKenna

My passion for health care and helping people has developed through my own experiences recovering from injuries.

I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand as the middle child of 8 siblings. It made for an interesting childhood – the best part was always having a backyard cricket team! I have been involved with sports since a young age, including both rugby union and rugby league. As a result, I suffered my fair share of injuries. My passion for health care and helping people has developed through my own experiences recovering from injuries. It sparked an interest in why we get injured and how we can work to build strong foundations to reduce the risk of injury.

I get asked a lot why I chose podiatry and the short answer is, I sort of fell into it; I wasn’t sure what it was when I enrolled. All I knew was that I wanted to work in health care so that I could help people like yourself. I know now that the best thing I did was to undertake my podiatry training and I wouldn’t change a thing. Every day is something different and I can help so many people from so many different walks of life achieve their goals, whether that be to run their first marathon or to get back to walking.

I learnt the skills to become a podiatrist and begin helping others return to activity at Auckland University of Technology, graduating in 2015. Since graduating I have had the opportunity to work in Tasmania, Victoria, and now call Queensland home. I have also been able to further my knowledge through a range of certifications such as Strength and Conditioning Coaching (ASCA Level 1 Coach), soft tissue techniques and Mat Pilates.

However, I am more than my certifications and qualifications. I am an outgoing and happy person who will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. In my spare time I enjoy running, bush walking or spending time exploring this beautiful country we call home with my wife and young daughter.

Mission statement

We devote ourselves to relieving lower limb injuries, restoring function, and reclaiming the joy that is lost from being unable to compete, no matter your walk of life.

Our Approach

Here at Functional Soles Podiatry, everything we do is for our clients.

We believe that you are more than the condition or labels that have been used to describe your symptoms.

Our three-step approach RELIEVE, RESTORE, and RECLAIM uses individualised programming and interventions specific to your needs, enabling you to achieve your goals.


Initially we will work with you to relieve the symptoms you are experiencing. The goal during this period of your recovery is to assist the body to start the healing process.


As your symptoms settle, we will introduce you to exercises specific to your physical activity and goals. This will allow you to begin restoring your overall function and assist you in returning to your chosen activity.


Reclaim is where we continue to work with you after your injury has healed, to ensure you return to the activities you love. During this phase we utilise a performance-based approach to your rehabilitation, allowing you to experience movement in a safe environment, which provides you with the confidence to return to your activity.