3 June 2024
Shoe review: Brooks Hyperion Max

 The Brooks Hyperion Max is a lightweight tempo shoe. Podiatrist Travis and local shoe-obsessed runner Hugh tested these shoes across a variation of different runs, from moderate distances, to speed sets and parkrun.

The specs:
Weight: 207g (Mens US9), 190g (Womens US8)
Stack height: 
Heel to toe drop: 8mm
Midsole: Nitrogen-infused DNA flash 

Similar Models:
New Balance Rebel, Asics Superblast, Asics Novablast, Asics Noosa Tri, Saucony Endorphin Speed, Hoka Mach, On Cloudmonster Hyper.


For a speed shoe, the Brooks Hyperion Max had a really nice fit. I did notice the narrow taper at the toe box and had some rubbing on my little toe following some of my runs. The taper of the toe box was to be expected for the style of shoe and my bias towards a more anatomical fit is likely why I felt a little cramped. However, in saying that compared to some of the other tempo and super shoes I have tried, the toe box in this shoe was pretty roomy and the rubbing became less noticeable the more I used the shoe. 

In regard to stability, the Hyperion Max felt stable during all of my runs. Unexpectedly, I even tested them on some lose sand and mud while out on a 10km run, and despite the shoe not being designed for the terrain, it held up well. I felt locked into the upper and didn’t have any slippage on any of my runs.

What does the Hyperion Max feel like to run in?

Both Hugh and I really enjoyed running in the Hyperion Max. For a non plated with a standard midsole compared with similar models it compared very well. 

Hugh found that the midsole on the Hyperion Max was explosive and enabled him to accelerate and decelerate with ease. He really enjoyed the responsiveness of the midsole and that the lowered drop and stability of the shoe made him feel comfortable and confident when running at speed during his speed sessions. 

I found the Hyperion Max a lot of fun to run in. During a 5km time trial, I found it easier to run at a steady pace with less fatigue through my first 3km which allowed for a greater push coming into the final 2km. I felt this was due to the responsiveness of the midsole and that the ride of the shoe transitions you easily from initial contact through to toe off enabling a nice fluid run pattern. 

The spring and responsiveness of the midsole made the Hyperion Max really enjoyable to run in. They feel similar to a carbon plated shoe, in that they feel like they push you forward and allow you to run faster for longer. 

The way they handle through different paces, made them a shoe that will fit nicely into your rotation. Both Hugh and I found that they felt great at different paces but also felt amazing moving from faster to slower and then moving back up as you accelerate to a faster speed either during shorter intervals or on a longer progressive run.

Who would this shoe work for?
The Hyperion Max works well as a tempo and race day shoe.
Its lightweight feel and responsive midsole make it a great choice
to use in your tempo runs, short intervals or as your race day shoe. 

Why do I need this shoe in my rotation?

Tempo shoes such as the Hyperion Max can be very beneficial to have in your shoe rotation, as they are lighter and more responsive when compared to a daily trainer, making them a perfect option for speedier running sessions

The other advantage is that the midsoles in tempo and race days shoes allow for more energy return which allows you to get more out of each step. This can help to make your run feel more efficient, by allowing you to run for longer and use less energy.

Thank you to the team at Brooks Australia for loaning us these shoes for a couple of weeks to give them a test run.